It's time to
take it off

The fear of being seen, the "audience pleasing" sales copy, the "bro-marketing hacks".

Take it all off, and show up for your audience in a real way that still sells like hell.  

I give good copy. 

Baby, I'm a giver, but I need you to be willing to step out of your comfort zone with me. We can get to that level where selling doesn't feel dirty, where your audience feels like your closest friends, and where converting leads feels effortless. 

But there are some ground rules:

Leave the Light On:  This doesn't work unless you're ready to be seen. Exactly as you are, in all of your glory. No more hiding. 

Tell Them How You Like it: This is just as much about you as it is about your audience. Attracting a big audience doesn't mean much if you have to show up in ways you hate everyday. Get clear on what you want and how you want it. This means you won't be for everyone, that's okay. You'll still love every minute.  

Never Fake it: Yes, I can tell. Spoiler alert: so can your audience. 
Canned responses that sound exactly like every "guru" on the market? Major turn off. Showing up in your unique authentic voice? Now we're talking...

Now for some Pillow talk..

 while I have you here,let's talk about my favorite four letter word.  

No, not that one. The other one,
but I like your style.
I'm talking "copy". 

- The kind of copy that makes your audience feel like you see everything they've got going on. In a totally not creepy way. 
- The kind of copy that creates a safe space for your audience to express the things they really want to express.
- The kind of copy that rules out the "tinder date" of audiences. No more horror stories.
- Finally, the kind of copy that makes you feel celebrated for being exactly who you are.

That's the kind of copy I help entrepreneurs create.
Toe curling, bad ass, "how'd you know I was into that?" copy. 

Enter Crazy Sexy Copy.

this is when i offer a nightcap

Crazy Sexy Copy is a writing community for entrepreneurs that combines group coaching calls, personalized copy feedback and strategic copy content to get you seen and consistently selling.   

Once you're in, it automatically becomes about putting you back in your copy. 

Yes, I'm ready to get my copy on>

what members will find in our
"secret drawer"

weekly 60-minute
Copysutra group calls

check ins, tips & content
To give your copy life

monthly 1:1 feedback on copy
(up to 500 words)

new copy templates
every damn week

Craving copy that actually feels good?

You're going to love:

1. finally having clarity on what makes your audience tick, and what they're really asking for.

2. the fan fair that follows when you stop hiding your brand voice.

3. Knowing that your audience feels seen, no matter where they may be in their journey with you.

4. not having text  "you up?" to your audience at 3 am (aka: when it's time to launch because your audience is already waiting for you. 

and an audience that's consistently dtb...down to buy.

success stories

Aww, you shouldn't have. 
Go on...

Leslie Tagorda
The Savvy Luminary

"the result? i sold out my offer for the first time ever"

"Jacq is a copy goddess! She helped me fine tune the sales page of my new offer that really helped breath life into it. Her process was pretty amazing, sharing her thought processes as she read it to inform where there were missing pieces, where things needed to be clearer and where excitement needed to be added. The result? I sold out of my offer, the first time ever. Thank you, Jacq for your brilliance and support!"

Rae Mcdaniel
Pracitcal Audacity

"she helped me hone in on my audience in a profound way"

"Jacqueline is a copy genius! I worked with Jacq on some copy related to my main offer and she helped me hone in on messaging in a profound way in a short amount of time. She is always encouraging, positive, and knows how to read between the lines to draw out the important pieces of your message. I'd recommend working with Jacqueline to anyone wanting to breathe life into their messaging and marketing. "

Megan Hale
Business Strategist

"you'll see your whole personality come to life on the page"

"When it comes to good copy, you want words that can make someone laugh, make someone nod, and make someone say “how’d they know I felt that way?” because there is nothing like making your people feel understood, seen, and heard.

And that’s exactly what you get with Jacqueline’s smart & savvy wordsmithing ways. She takes you, your brand, and your people and builds the bridge that effortlessly connects them all! Never have I seen someone who so effortlessly builds community and connection through copywriting alone. You’ll see your whole personality come to life on the page where it isn’t just an email or a sales page, but a direct line of communication from your soul to theirs. I can’t say enough about how well Jacq just gets you and makes magic happen through powerful words."

The price is coming. It's low. There's a reason. It's a selfish one.
My newsfeed is filled with good businesses (the kind I want to succeed) with horrible copy. The kind of bad copy that makes me lose sleep.
  I like sleep. All of this to say I want anyone who needs copy help to be able to get it.
That's why I'm offering the CRAZY SEXY COPY membership ...

... for just $85.

^^ not a typo.


The coaching, the feedback, the templates, the content...all of it.  

Told you I'm a giver. 



Weekly Writing Coaching Group Calls . . . . . .
 (Value $250)

Weekly Copy Templates . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 (Value $160)

Monthly personalized feedback (via Loom) . . . . . . . . . .
(Value $98)

Copy Up-leveling tips & content . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $120)

TOTAL VALUE? $628/month


Today's Price = $85/month

i'm over the marketing missionary position. sexy up my copy.

Monthly payment of $85


how many people are you accepting into
crazy sexy copy?

I set the price at $85 a month so anyone can access great copy. That being said, not everyone will get a space in. Why? Because I believe in intimacy. I want to truly get to know your brands and keep the community small enough that I can get all up in your business. For now, that means we're capping the community at 150 people. 

If you're an entrepreneur (bringing in any level of profit) that wants to show up fully in their message and brand voice, then I strongly suggest grabbing your spot before we fill up. 

What kind of templates will you be adding each week?

I used to hate templates to be honest. That's because your audience is SO much deeper than a template. However, I found there's a sweet spot...
When templates are combined with guidance and real, deep-rooted, audience knowledge they can be a major asset. Which is why each week you'll be receiving either an email template, blog template, social media template, or general sales template. 

HOW often will you add new content?

You can expect new content in the membership at least once a week. However, I'm known to spoil my people. This means I'll be spontaneously adding extra content to the membership 3-5 times a month (in addition to the weekly templates). 

The beautiful thing is that instead of just throwing a template at you and bouncing (which is the gateway drug to generic ass copy), I'll actually be there to guide you through the strategy and thought work that helps you get it all done. 

I’M INSIDE The quarterly copy capsule. How is this different?

Quarterly Copy Capsule is BAE! However, sometimes you need a little extra attention. I get this. Brands are unique and so are audiences and the extra guidance goes a long way. The Quarterly Copy Capsule is designed to help you create bulks of quality content, quickly and effectively. However, it is self guided. 

If you're the kind of person that needs a swift kick in the copy behind, personalized feedback, and to work in community with other copy slayers then CRAZY SEXY COPY is where it's at. 
Pro Tip: The two programs work beeeaaauutifully together. 

That should help clear things up. :)

Crazy sexy copy


Weekly Writing Coaching Group Calls . . . . . .
 (Value $250)

Weekly Copy Templates . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 (Value $160)

Monthly personalized feedback (via Loom) . . . . . . . . . .
(Value $98)

Copy Up-leveling tips & content . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $120)

TOTAL VALUE? $628/month


Today's Price = $85/month

I'm over the marketing missionary position. Sexy up my copy. 

monthly payment of $85