6 Tips to Better Facebook Ad Copy

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I'm allergic to bro-marketing techniques and my eye literally twitches when passionate, fiery entrepreneurs disappear in their copy. 

So, let's fix that. Shall we?

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Think about the last time you logged into Facebook. You’re scrolling through and in between photos of grandma’s pudding on the dinner table and that friend you only kind of remember from high school… there are… ads.

Nine times out of ten, you end up scrolling right on by, rolling your eyes on the ad. You might not even realize why. But I can shed a little light on that: It’s probably barking a sale right at you. 

What if instead, that ad felt like a conversation? What if it welcomed you in, and met you at a comfortable level to share what the offer was? What if your Facebook ad copy did that to others? Imagine how many people would stop scrolling and read on.

Below are my top 5 tips for bringing your Facebook ads to life.

#1 Bring Your Passion into Your Copy.

So many times, I meet these amazing entrepreneurs with a big passion for what they do. I sit down with them and can tell right away they love their job. Their faces light up when they talk about their clients. They smile when they share their process. They’re excited to completely geek out over their entire business.

Your Facebook ad copy should reflect that passion. 

Try This:

Next time someone asks you about your business, take note of the words you’re using to describe it. When you feel that bubbly excitement burst out of you and spill into your language, record what it is that’s making that happen.

When you write your Facebook ad copy, bring those exact words to life. Go from “Buy my service because I say so” to naturally letting your audience want to purchase because they want to feel how you feel talking about it.

#2 Create Your Own “Formula.”

I get it. Do a single Google search on “How to Make a Facebook Ad” and you’ll pull up thousands of pages. Each one you click on has a whole new set of rules you “need” to follow. It should have a certain amount of words. You should include x amount of keywords in the first, 3rd, and last sentences. Don’t get me started on following the exact steps that some big-name brand was successful on.

Ditch the “shoulds.” Your brand is unique. Your ad copy needs to reflect that uniqueness.

Try This:

Grab your favorite template. Go ahead, fill it out. Now, grab a Facebook ad from another brand that used the same template and place yours next to it.

Looking at yours side by side with another brand, does it look exactly the same? Would it be easy to pick out which one is yours? Or would it make no difference to swap them out?

It’s okay to use a template, but you want to “Mad Libs” the template enough to where your voice is still shining through. In a side-by-side comparison, there should be zero question as to which Facebook ad is yours.

#3 Lead With a Chair and a Glass of Water.

You’ve probably been told before to find your customer’s pain point. Figure out the problem they’re having so you can offer the solution. It’s great that you’re providing a fix, but you’re not going to be able to provide it if you’re twisting a verbal knife in their already painful spot.

Try This: 

Imagine your customer arrives at your front door, out of breath, and clearly in pain. You’re not going to shove a box of your service in their hands and ask them to purchase right then and there. They’re still standing in their mess.

Instead, you’d open your door and offer them a seat and a glass of water. You’d give them space to relax and feel welcome to release the stress they’ve been holding.

In your Facebook ad, lead with the same mentality. Give them a little credit for doing the work they’ve already done and congratulate them. (Your chair.) Then, give them a refreshing reason as to why you’re doing something different from your competitors. (Your glass of water.)

#4 Personality Makes a Difference

Yes, your personality makes a huge difference in an ad. Have you ever had a client meet you and be…surprised? Have they ever said, “I had no idea you/your service/your business would be like this?”

Sometimes, it’s a fun surprise for a client to realize you were 100% approachable and down the earth when they thought the experience was going to be a purchase exchange, end of story.

The truth is, you should never be the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. You should be the little dancing character all over the front and back cover.

Try This:

Love to nerd out over Star Wars? Through in a Yoda reference. Are puns a part of your daily language? It might sound cheesy, but adding them to your ads can be grate (bad, I know, but you get the picture).

The point is, your personality makes your ad more approachable and appealing. Whatever your “thing” is, your clients are going to relate to it, too. They’ll look forward to “hanging out” with you before you even meet.

#5 Listen to Your Intuition.

How do you feel after you write your Facebook ad? Be honest with yourself. Does it feel gross? Do you feel like you have to take a shower because it’s not sitting right with you?

Here’s your permission: Ditch the stuff that feels that gross. If it doesn’t feel good to you, it doesn’t feel good to your audience. 

Try This:

What was the last Facebook ad that felt good to you? The one that really hit you hard and made you click that “learn more” or “buy now” button. Pull that ad up and take a look at it.

Notice the tone, the voice, and all the little details that make you feel like you’re being heard within the copy on your page. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you’re showing up the same way. 

Toss it if it’s not. It’s okay to start again with the focus to show up for your audience in an authentic way.

#6 Step Back Into Your Clients’ Shoes

Most businesses (especially those who are service-based) come from a place of experience. Entrepreneurs want to provide a solution to a problem they experienced in the past. They want to save other people from the same heartache and frustration they experience.

Those same business owners get so excited talking about the solution they provide, they end up jumping way past where their clients are and the conversation ends up being something the clients aren’t ready for.

Try This:

You and your clients are in two very different places. Remember when you were struggling. Think back to how it felt. Were you frustrated not having a solution? Were you banging your head against the wall trying all the advice that wasn’t working?

Meet your client where they are now. Show them you understand where they’re coming from. Eventually, they’ll be excited and on your level. You can geek out over your service and solutions then. Until then, step back and give them a safe place to be where they are.

Take The Next Step

The only way to make your Facebook ads copy stand out is to show up. Show up with understanding so they feel heard. Show up with your personality so they’ll know who they’re hanging out with. Show up with what makes you unique so you don’t get whitewashed in the crowds.

Your Facebook ad isn’t a ploy to sell your service or product to whoever has money to buy. It’s a conversation you’re inviting your audience to have with you. Make it one worth having.

Still unsure about how authentic your Facebook ad is? Don’t know how to ditch the ick? It’s okay. Breathe. I have you covered. Book a call today and we’ll make sure your ad is a conversation your audience wants to have.

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