How to Write for a Female Target Audience

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Your Target Demographic

So you narrowed down your target audience: women (or for the purposes of this blog, female-identifying). Writing for them should be easy, right? Well, it can be, as long as you keep in mind that it takes more than just narrowing your audience to reach them.

It takes a deeper understanding of what they’re looking for from you, which will always be more than your product or service alone. To help you address your audience better when you’re writing, I’ve compiled a simple list of Dos and Don’ts to follow.

Don’t: Generalize

A female audience is a very wide concept. Lumping all women into one big category is kind of a big turn-off. Your audience doesn’t want any large sweeping assumptions “pinkwashing” them. 

People are far more complex than that. There is a difference between talking to a twenty-year-old who is concerned about starting a career she may not actually enjoy, and talking to a fifty-year-old who is finally putting herself first after spending years serving everyone else around her.

Do: Niche down 

Ask yourself: “What is my ideal client really like?” Maybe she is an adventurous learner looking for a creative way to tackle her next big career goal. She might be a people pleaser looking to break free and finally do the work she’s wanted to do for herself.

She could be unapologetically bold in her life decisions or tired of leaning on the decisions of everyone around her. She could fall anywhere on the spectrum of age, experience, and goals. Knowing who she is will give you a head start in relating to her as you write your business copy.

Don’t: Show off the Facts (And nothing else)

Anytime you focus on the facts of your offering and nothing else, your website, emails, or whatever you’re writing ends up reading like an instruction manual. Yes, there is a time and place for this. Yes, you should inform your audience of what they’re getting by hiring you. 

However, you need to offer up more than a dry list of product perks.

Do:  Show the impact

Instead of focusing on what you’re offering, focus on why you’re offering it. Paint a picture to show how your service will reach your target demographic. Give them examples as to how your product will help them accomplish their specific goals.

Give them a reason to purchase… not because of what it is but how it will improve or impact their quality of life. 

Don’t: Sell Sell Sell

Obviously, you have some kind of amazing product or service that you’re dying to get into the hands of more people. It’s true, those people aren’t going to know that your offering exists unless you tell them.

However, it’s a huge turn-off to use every piece of writing as an excuse to push what you’re selling. It has the same vibes as that one friend who only comes around whenever they want something from you. Yuck.

Do: Connect Connect Connect

You want your writing to come across as a welcoming open door to your clients. To do that, you need to write to them as people and not as a means to a sale. Meet them where they are now and walk with them on their journey as your customer. 

Make sure your copy is a communication tool that gives a voice to your customer and proves that you have an understanding relationship with them. The bigger the connection, the more likely they’ll stick around.

Embracing the Female Demographic

Today’s audiences are smart and savvy. They don’t want to be patronized by outdated marketing tactics that make them feel like nothing more than a number.

Your audience wants to feel seen and heard, not generalized for being part of 50% of the population. They want to know that you understand their specific needs 

Take care of your target audience by writing copy that speaks to them like people and you’ll develop the kind of connection they’re looking for.

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