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And Why Your Business Needs It

Copywriting is way more than just “the words that appear on a page”. Though, that’s the quickest definition to get people to understand the deliverables.

Copywriting is a form of literary art. It tells a story that reels in your customers at line one and persuades them to buy into your services/product by the time they get to a call to action.

It’s a two-way conversation between business and buyer that invites your ideal customer in and gives them a reason to believe you are the expert. 

From blogs to websites to email sequences, copywriting is an essential part of business marketing. But… you could write them yourself, right? Eh, it might not be so simple

Below is a list of some copywriting services you might want to go ahead and leave to the professionals. 

Website Copy

You know all those little tabs on your website? One probably leads to a page to sell your service. There’s a good chance you have a page that talks about you or your company. You might even have a fancy page that includes blogs or podcasts for your customers to learn more about your niche/mission.

But hey, those tabs aren’t going to do any good if the copy isn’t inviting your customers in.

Whenever someone lands on your page, they’re asking themselves one question: Is this who I want to buy for? Well, the only way for them to know is by reading your copy.

That copy should guide them on a journey, introducing them to your brand, and holding space for them to feel seen and heard. You want to provide them with information in a way that makes them feel like you get where the heck they’re coming from and not just throwing your offer in their face.

Trust me, if they searched for your website, they’re already interested in what that offer is. It’s your website copy’s job to ensure that YOU are the right person to give them that offer.

Nurture Sequence Copywriting

You know how whenever there’s an unexpected knock on the door, it always seems to happen when dinner is on the table? You open up the front door and see the guy in that green polo who always stops by around every six months, trying to sell you on his exterminating service. He points over to your neighbors on either side and drops their names as if name dropping is enough to get you to whip out your wallet right away.

Well, that’s about how awesome bad email sequences go.

A good copywriter tends to handle them a little differently. A nurture sequence does exactly what the name says. It nurtures your relationship with your customer.

Each email that goes out feeds a little bit of value, proving that you are, in fact, the expert you claim to be. It allows them to get a chance to know who you are and learn about your company values.

It might even give them the information they’ve been hoping to come across for free, and over time, they switch from potential customers to actual (or returning) customers.

A good email sequence will feel more like running into an acquaintance on a walk around the block and less like the skeevy salesperson who interrupts your dinner.

Social Media Posts

There’s no getting around it today. A social media presence is a must in running a business. It’s where people are “hanging out” and connecting with others. But how do you do that with social media content?

Well, you get good copy to connect with your people.

This is way more than political memes and inspirational quotes. It’s the actual language that your audience will dive into to feel like following you is giving them consistent value. 

And while you might lead them to your sales page once in a while, the main call to action is to interact and connect with you. AKA you’re developing your “gang” of people in a way that feels comfortable to them.

Copywriting Coaching 

I’ve seen some pretty crafty business owners out there who are all about the DIY life. And hey, I’m not going to stop someone from writing their own copy if they want to get their hands word nerd dirty. However, I highly suggest you don’t jump in blindly.

A copywriting coach will guide you through the art of crafting good copy that converts. Like I said earlier, it’s way more than just words on the page. It’s writing a conversation. It’s getting into your customer’s mindset. It’s addressing the concerns and holding space.

And hey, if you’ve already written some up for yourself and think you need it spit-shined up, a coach will help provide you with the right polishing tools. It’s a matter of dissecting the language to see what works for your brand’s voice and ditching the kind of language that isn’t going to connect.

Why Does My Business Need Copywriting?

Nine times out of ten your copy is your audience’s first impression of your business. Good copy will feel like a welcoming conversation, leaving your audience feeling like they understand you…and more importantly, that you understand them.

Good copy guides your audience in a nurturing, non-skeevy way.

Good copy allows space for your audience to feel safe when they’ve been anxiously searching for a solution to whatever problem they’ve had.

Good copy invites conversation and feels natural.

So yeah, if your business isn’t doing that, then your business needs a great copywriter to write great copy.

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