Where to Share: Newsletters Vs. Blogs

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I'm allergic to bro-marketing techniques and my eye literally twitches when passionate, fiery entrepreneurs disappear in their copy. 

So, let's fix that. Shall we?

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As a business person with an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ve got guts. You’ve got drive. You’ve got a ton of info up your sleeve you can’t wait to share with your customers.

But, is it always appropriate to drop down the statistics you’ve tracked, the history of your craft, and the scientific details that prove what you do works?

The truth is, no. 

Your customers are going to find the quickest exit if you always drown out what they want to hear with everything you want to tell them. 

There is a time and place.

All content copy has the goal of reaching your audience without coming off as pushy. Let’s take a look at blogs vs. newsletters to find which is better for business.


The biggest difference between a newsletter and a blog is where your customer finds it. That accessibility determines what information they’re looking for.


Susan opens her email every morning like clockwork. Every Sunday your newsletter is there waiting for her. She opens it. What do you think she’s looking for?

She wants a quick conversation to catch up. She doesn’t have time to dive into the deep stuff because you’re knocking on the door during her time. Keep it easy to read and leave with an invitation to catch up again later, on her time. Drop a link to your blog so she can deep dive when she’s ready.


Julie is a researcher. She’s interested in your niche and wants to know more before she commits. Maybe you caught her attention long ago and now she’s on the journey to understand the how’s and why’s behind what you do.

Unlike a once a week reach-out, a blog is permanently cached into Google, waiting for your audience. This is a great time to use key phrases and implement SEO. Provide examples. Showcase true value to your business.

Voice and Tone

Your voice should always be present, but what your voice says can change depending on the copy.


Think of your newsletter as a letter from the editor. It should be an “insider’s view” of your business: relatable and interesting. 


Think of your blog as a magazine article. Use your voice to break down a topic and prove you are an expert.


No customer wants the exact same thing thrown at them from every direction. Slightly changing the perspective also changes the purpose.


Your newsletter has a more intimate tone. Sprinkle in some personal details to show them you as a human who just happens to have an amazing business that fits into their lives.

Note: Do not turn your newsletter into a diary. Your business should still be the focus, not what you had for dinner last night.


Your blogs, on the other hand, aim to educate. This is where you can show off your knowledge as an expert who happens to have a relatable and familiar voice. 

Blogs Vs. Newsletter Copy

Keep these things in mind:

If you’re dropping in on your customer with a newsletter, they want to feel like it’s an intimate conversation about your business. It’s you first. Your business follows.

If your customer searches out information in a blog, they’re searching for the details you want to geek out about. They want a conversation that feels like you’re educating them. It’s business first. Your amazing voice is just the one telling it.

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