How to Make a Social Media Plan

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I'm allergic to bro-marketing techniques and my eye literally twitches when passionate, fiery entrepreneurs disappear in their copy. 

So, let's fix that. Shall we?

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Want to know the best way to make a social media plan? Don’t.

Okay, not really. You should have some kind of plan, but it may not be in the way you think of it. Planning every social media post to a -T- is only going to make you crazy and make your clientele feel like you’re tone-deaf.

Think about it this way: You don’t plan out your every word in conversations. If you did, it would feel very robotic and no one would think you’re genuine. Your social media is like that.

So how do you combat the robotic feelings of planning your social media? The answer is fluidity. You’ve got to give yourself a framework and expect you’ll need to play with it so it really works. 

Social Media Trifecta Tools

I like to think there are three major tools to creating a stellar social media framework:

  • Theme
  • Mental Blocks
  • Emotional Highlighting

Let’s take a look at how you can get down and dirty with each tool.


Once upon a time, there was a theme. Then, there were more themes. Each one held onto a little string that connected them.

Yes, a theme or group of themes help tell your story.

Get Down and Dirty:

  • Try assigning a theme to each day of the week.
  • Keep things relevant to your brand AND to your clientele. It’s great if your customers love cat videos, but if you can’t link it back to your story, save them for your personal facebook.
  • Themes don’t have to be directly related to your business. Just make sure there’s a link that connects it to your customer.

Mental Blocks

Congratulations on your new therapist job. Oh, you didn’t know that was part of copywriting?

Your clientele is going to have mental blocks. It’s the thing they tell themselves and don’t want to admit. It’s the thing they’re conditioned to believe (or others believe) thanks to years of cultural teachings. It’s what they instinctively feel due to their upbringing.

It’s your job to sit down with your ideal customer on that comfy little couch of yours and ask, “What brings you here?” Digging into the hows and whys of your clients will help you nail down what their mental blocks are so you can address them in a way that guides them to your product/service.

Get Down and Dirty:

  • What keeps your client from making the damned decision to press the “buy” button?
  • Dig deep into their cultural and upbringing voices. 
  • Nail down 4-5 mental blocks for your ideal client and cycle through addressing them.
  • Dip into the educational realm by acknowledging the mental block and creating a solution.

Emotional Highlighting

Imagine you’re in a room full of people. That one person walks in and the entire dynamic changes. 

That’s you- the person who sets the tone for everyone at the party. Just make sure it’s full of the people you want at the party.

Get Down and Dirty:

  • Comb through your past posts and tidbits you’ve shared. What’s done well for you? 
  • Highlight repetitive keywords. What’s the emotion you convey?
  • As long as the first two bullet points still resonate with your brand, right NOW, revisit it. That’s the damn emotion your audience connects with.

Tying it all Together

Start by deciding on the themes that will work for your audience. Do they want to know about how you’re raising 5 kids in a pandemic while running your business? Maybe most of your clientele are health freaks and want to know more about your morning protein shakes. 

As you’re telling your story through themes, address your clientele’s mental blocks. Maybe your “Better than Sex” chocolate bars are a hit with typically health-conscious women. Go ahead and throw in the protein shake post. Let them know it’s okay to treat themselves with a little bit of chocolate once in a while. It’s all about business.

Finally, play around with the emotional tones. You don’t have to stick to the same tone through everything. Play with it depending on your posts and your audience. Maybe you poke fun of yourself for loving chocolate so much when your trainer gets on your case about healthy eating. Or, maybe you want to list out the benefits of a balance between sweets and meals. It’s up to you how it works.

Just make sure you load your social media with the good shit: What your audience relates to and connects them to your business. Want to take my social media template for a spin? Here’s your own copy to give it a try. 

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